Opticlip / inner frames / corrective frames for sports glasses

The glazing of sunglasses with corrective lenses is a bit of a challenge. Many sunglasses are strongly curved because of the tasks they are faced with and enclose the eye socket in order to achieve the greatest possible draft tightness and protection against the incidence of light. The sunglass lens is seldom parallel or only slightly offset to the eye, as is the case with normal prescription glasses. In the case of sports glasses, the outer edges of the lenses are strongly offset to the rear. There is a high frame lens angle. This frame lens angle of the sports glasses is reduced with a smaller inner frame that surrounds the corrective lenses and is attached to the inside of the frame. In this way, the visual aid for sports glasses remains extremely well protected and inconspicuously hidden behind the sun glasses.

This problem solution is ideal for sports glasses of all kinds, such as bicycle glasses with prescription but also for motorized glasses for glasses wearers. For example, prescription sports glasses and biker glasses with prescription lenses can be equipped for the distance. Cycling glasses and biker glasses with prescription can also be equipped with a reading aid with a corresponding correction clip. In the case of sports glasses with long-distance vision and a reading part or reading window, this opens up the possibility of reading speedometers, navigation devices, maps or even menus without having to take off the glasses. Sports glasses with a reading function have become indispensable when it comes to the demands on the wearer. A Daisan Optic Clip is an excellent option for these challenges.

Daisan's OptiClip is now even available as a universal clip-in or corrective insert for ski goggles, ski goggles, dirt bike goggles and protective goggles used by emergency services.