Assoluta Neofit bodyshaped active T-Shirt neon-green

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Assoluta Neofit Active T-Shirt

This high-quality T-shirt clings to the natural body shape like a second skin without breaking it off. This is ensured by the composition of the material, which consists of flexible technical fibers.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing method uses seamless woven "tunels" of varying widths made from technical fibers to form a comfortable garment that can be worn close to the body without pressure marks.
The modern cut of the T-shirt is suitable for active sports as well as a high-quality garment to modern outfits.

The modern fiber composition has a moisture-dissipating effect to the outside, where it can evaporate quickly - This prevents odors and unsightly wet spots. Like the related tank top, this T-shirt is very soft and comfortable to wear. It feels very high quality and does not shine through and could become her new favorite piece.

Material: 93% polyamide and 20% PU elastane
Produced in the EU