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Ersatzteil flexibler Nasenbügel aus Gummi / Silikon für Sportbrille

10,00 €
inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand

Artikelnummer: D109 ET-Nasenbügel


Spare part: A pair of flexible and adjustable temple end for sports glasses

Manufacturer of the spare part: Daisan

Material: rubber / silicone + plasticAdjustable: thanks to flexible and pliable plastic Model info: This spare part is an original spare part from the manufacturer "Daisan" (Prefix D). It fits in the following versions of Daisan but also frames of other brands. The indication of the brand and model designation of a third-party manufacturer exclusively refers to the carried out test of a replacement part change on a test model from the series of the third-party manufacturer. Since no influence can be exerted on products from other brands / manufacturers, the spare part may differ in shape, material, design, size, material thickness, coating, imprint, etc. from those of other manufacturers. These are not original products from other brands / manufacturers. Therefore, upon receipt, a check for accuracy of fit should be carried out. Suitable for the Daisan models:
  • Daisan D106
  • Daisan D107
  • Daisan D109
  • Daisan D207
  • Daisan D209
  • Daisan D288

Also suitable for models from other manufacturers / brands*:
Not an original product from the manufacturers listed below. Branding is used exclusively for model allocation.

  • Goggle E865
  • Goggle E866
  • Goggle E867
  • Goggle T415 / T416 / T418 / T420 / T421
  • UVEX Radical Pro
Safety instructions: Always have a spare part change carried out by qualified personnel. The exchange is at your own risk. We do not accept any liability if the spare part is replaced by a third party. If you would like us to replace the spare part, please contact us before purchasing. Care instructions: The service life of spare parts depends on individual use and care habits. Avoid contact of the spare part with solvents, plasticizers and alcohol that can be found in many cosmetic products such as perfume, sunscreen, etc. If contact is unavoidable, wash the parts with warm water and soap and then dry them off. The same applies after intensive use and with sweat contact and (sea) salt. Keep the product in cases. Do not expose the product to permanent, extremely intense heat, such as Sun exposure on the dashboard. Consistent care extends the service life significantly.